About us

Bird King Barcelona was born from the desire to share the beauty of art. Maybe it was those huge luminous eyes or those tiny mouths with little noses and disproportionate heads. The truth is that we don't know, but we're very clear that those "Lolas" made us think about how cool they would look on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items . . . that, and a passion for everything fashion, inspired us to jump in headfirst. We made a proposal to the artist. She picked it up, took it for a couple of laps, and returned it to us tied up with a bow and ready to go. Then we all put our vision of the project down in writing, including everything we wanted to offer, and these ten commandments came out:

  1. We will always offer quality products.
  2. We will prioritize national products, whenever possible.
  3. We prefer quality to quantity.
  4. Every product must inspire at least one smile. (A gentle grin counts too.)
  5. We will put the same enthusiasm into the development, the manufacture and the shipment of all our products.
  6. We’ll do as much in house as humanly possible.
  7. We will also be on the lookout for other artists and potential collaborators. (If you are an artist and have your own particular style, contact us at hello@birdkingbarcelona.com)
  8. Nothing goes on sale until it meets with the boss’ approval. 
  9. We will move heaven and earth to find the best products – only the highest quality paint and ink, and always optimal for the material.
  10. Everything we do we’ll do from the heart. We work to serve our customers in good faith. Bird King Barcelona illustrations and slogans will always be humble tributes, dedicated with the utmost respect to the women we admire and intended to celebrate their lives and accomplishments.