Nuestros bolsos son artículos de colección que puedes llevar con tus mejores looks. Los que han sido pintados a mano, han pasado por un proceso donde el artísta le ha dedicado más de 40 horas aplicando capas de pintura minuciosamente, obteniendo un bolso único del que no existen dos iguales.

Disfruta ahora de un valor atemporal, un bolso único para personas únicas como tú.


Bird King was born with the purpose of bringing the art world closer to fashion, in a new model of urban art; works that go with you through the streets.


We believe in good things, that is why we only collaborate with companies that maintain their essence in making. The illustrations are made by the artist Lola Menta, who plays with the expression of the gaze to move something inside and take you to her own world.
Some of our products are manufactured in Salamanca, in a craft workshop, others are produced in London, in a very personalized and careful way as well. But finally, everything comes together in our studio, where we pamper each piece that enters the door until we dismiss it, again, when it is acquired by someone who, like us, has smiled when seeing it and has felt that warmth in the heart that things give pretty.

Statement of intents

We swear that we will only offer unique pieces, some unrepeatable and some not, some hand-painted and others printed with great care, but everything, everything you will find here has been created to make you a little happier.